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Computer Field Technician

  • Practicing +10 years
  • Address North Central, San Antonio, TX
  • E-mail contactme@sparrowgrove.com
  • Phone +1 (000) 000-000
  • Working (BUSY) Every Weekday 8:00-17:00
  • Do Not Disturb Sundays

As a certified CompTIA A+ computer technician with over 10 years of experience dating back to his early pre-teens Christopher is a very knowledgeable technician with a very broad knowledge and skills set that not only makes him a great computer technician but a diverse and social person who understands relations is key to building customer loyalty. 

Christopher started out as a curious non computer savvy user exploring the internet and learning break fix through a lot of trial and error. He has grown to love and embraces new technology of which some he has developed through open source PHP Web Programming. He possesses the ability to learn quickly through his kinesthetic learning abilities and a combination of visual and auditory learning when interest is his main motivator.

Chris spends most of his time on the computer, creating complicated networks and multiple servers in and out of the cloud.  He one day hopes to have his own data center with the fastest internet and best products to provide security, reliability, and scalability. He also has an interest in Security Penetration testing and loved to learn how software and even malware works to accomplish its payload or tasks.

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Work Experience

Sep 2016 - Present (1yr 4mts)

Field Support Technician

Bridgehead I.T

Apr 2015 - Present (2yrs 9mts)

Pyrotechnics Crew

Illumination Fireworks, Inc

Principles of chemistry and physics knowledge
-Knowledge of assembly of basic electronic components
-Quality assurance testing of electronic equipment
-Provide technical support to fireworks shows
-Handle, load, test, operate and discharge fireworks and pyrotechnic effects product safely
-Maintain technical documentation and ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and requirements
-Good knowledge of standard fireworks safety codes
-Unloading, sorting, and cleaning equipment and supplies after displays are finished
-Building wooden racks to house mortars used in displays (rough carpentry)
-Cleaning and organizing work areas
-Assisting display pyrotechnician with pre-show product preparation

Mar 2016 - Sep 2016 (7 mts)

North American Desktop Support I (Level 2 Support)


As a Contract Field Support Technician (Contract Company: Insight Global) I was part of a 3 man team supporting Nielsen Research corporation at the San Antonio call center. A few of my key assignments and skills used include:

o CompTIA A+ Certification
o Autodialer and Modem Troubleshooting
o Microsoft Windows Office, Internet Explorer, Bitlocker Troubleshooting
o Windows Domain Environment
o Remote UNC, Registry, and Desktop Support
o Assist End Users and Support Team with Google Apps transition as the Subject Matter Expert
o Maintain Customer Services and Relations throughout company
o Assisting and developing solutions for Production down or high severity issues.
o Assisting remote users outside of organization facilities

Roles include Contract Employment with Insight Global from March 2016-April 2016 (Budget Cut) and April 2016 - September 2016 (Contract Canceled)

Aug 2015 - Nov 2015 (4mnts)

Tier 1 Agent, Level 1 Helpdesk Support

Salient CRGT, INC

CRGT is a $$ Government Contractor specifically for this role I was placed at Fort Sam Houston, TX to provide the U.S Army Medical Command enterprise Tier 1 level computer technical support and troubleshooting in a call-center environment. My involvement in this project has reduced call times and increased resolved tickets through experience brought with me and learned from co-workers. Key responsibilities included:
• Remote UNC, Registry, and Desktop Support (Dameware & Bomgar)
• Microsoft Windows Office, Adobe Acrobat, and Internet Explorer Troubleshooting
• D.o.D Medical Records Software troubleshooting
• Document Troubleshooting steps & resolutions
• Remedy IT Service Management System
• Common Access Card (CAC) troubleshooting
• Encryption & Digital Certificates Recovery and troubleshooting
• Microsoft Exchange based Outlook Email Troubleshooting
• Manage/Unlock Active Directory Accounts
• Support and troubleshoot Clinical Software

Jan 2015 - Mar 2015 (3mts)


Time Warner Cable

United Optics is one of Time Warner Cables’ biggest contractors across the United States providing customers with Triple Play, Double Pay, and Single Play services of which include Cable Television Service, Cable Internet Service, and Telephone Service based on a VOIP technology courtesy of Cable Phone Modem.

• Install, Configure, Service, and Disconnect Residential Services
• Install underground and Arial cable
• Perform personal computer configuration for optimal performance as recommend
• Communicate with Time Warner on requests for plant maintenance, construction demands, and tap Repairs


2003 - 2003

Bachelor of Applied Science, Management Information Systems (in progress)

Wayland Baptist University

1997 - 2001

Network and Computer Systems Administrator

Excel Learning Center

Dec 2017

A+ Certification



  • Christopher is a very enthusiastic worker, who is driven to provide the best work possible. He is very knowledgeable on computers and Windows software. A self starter with little to no supervision needed to perform assigned tasks.

    Sean Cing RETIRED, U.S ARMY
  • Christopher is a very dedicated and determined individual. He possesses knowledge in all aspects of the Information Technology field. While enrolled at Excel Learning Center, Christopher displayed maturity and discipline in every aspect. I would recommend Christopher for any position leading to a career in the Information Technology field.

    Michael Gonzales Retired Chief Petty Officer, U.S Navy
  • My first impression of Christopher was his thoughtful and respectful demeanor. He was willing to go out of his way through all sorts of crazy obstacles to ensure his friends happiness

  • I've known Christopher for about 13 years in which he has proven to be a loyal friend to me and my family. He is a very bright young man and extremely intelligent. Christopher likes to exceed every expectation and his integrity make him a great asset. We are fortunate to know him. As would anyone else who meets him.

  • Christopher is my go to guy for all technology issues and even when I have a hard time explaining what the problem is; he always figures it out and fixes it in no time at all. We live miles apart and yet he can still fix the issues by connecting to my computer or walking me through step by step. He makes life easier and his high integrity means I can leave him to work on the issues without worrying about the security or privacy of my devices. He always has that covered.

  • Chris is hands down one of the smartest guys around. He knows what he is doing and I would highly recommend speaking with him, with any issue you might have

  • Christopher is solid computer technician with a higher than expected integrity earning my full trust. His self taught knowledge and skills amaze me as he always works to resolve issue permanently instead of applying workarounds

    Julie Nitteberg Bryson Haan MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL
  • Christopher was one of my best students in the A+ course. He is a very quick learner and is always interested in process improvement. I believe a great skill for keeping security matters under raps on a network. He is also an inquisitive mind and curious about new tech and how to keep a device secure. he was dedicated and completed his course with high marks and attained his CompTIA A+ certification as soon as possible.

    Juan Villegas Information Technology Vocational Instructor, Vantage College
  • Christopher has been an excellent student. He is a natural leader willing to help and do projects without hesitation.

    Sylvia Torio Reception, Excel Learning Center
  • I have personal knowledge of the depth of professionalism and drive that is Christopher Sparrowgrove. I witnessed his growth and maturity first hand and attest to this simple fact--Chris has more heart than any who came before him.
    Christopher does not require rules he needs expectations and the freedom to deliver your company goals. Many profess their courage and loyalty, Chris is motivated by his personal integrity.
    Give him the chance to join your team, you won't be disappointed.

    Ed Sparrowgrove Adult Probation Office, Washington State Department of Corrections
  • I have known chris through online fourms for a couple years now and his knowledge and skills intimidate me alittle. He seems to know alot about how hackers work and how to fix computers better then myself and I work for a very large corporate IT solutions company. This guy knows his stuff an I would recommend giving him an interview with questions focused around this information

    Anonymous Job Title Not Given
  • Christopher is a dedicated hard worker, who is passionate toward network integrity/resilience. His developer and system admin skills can't be matched due to his overwhelming knowledge in the industry. There is no better candidate for getting the job done

    Josh Culver Tier 2 Hosting Representative, GoDaddy

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